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Listing of Lincoln Sites

Historic sites and buildings directly related to Lincoln's life. Private agencies, state parks and within National Park System

Independent Lincoln museums/galleries not in historic sites

Historic sites with Abraham Lincoln and family associations

Lincoln collections within larger museum and Library institutions: (*) indicates only research facilities and not a public museum

Major research collections in Universities and libraries.  (*) indicates both a museum and research facility specializing in Lincoln related studies.

Other Forms: These agencies do not fit into any category above

  • Bostic Lincoln Center, 112 Depot Street, Bostic, North Carolina. Counter to standard accepted Lincoln historiography.  Their mission is to preserve the claimed real birthplace of Abraham Lincoln here in North Carolina.  The core statement is that Lincoln was really born of Nancy Hanks in an affair with Abraham Enlow in 1806.  This   particular story is what encouraged the development   of the Lincoln Marriage temple.  .
  • Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln Legacy exhibit; Washington D.C. In the 1990’s the National Park installed an exhibition on Lincoln and the Civil Rights movement on the lower level of the monument.
  • Lincoln Pioneer Village; Rockport, Indiana:  No original building or site but near area where Lincoln was a boy.  Replica buildings and site were designed as monument built from logs to represent Lincoln’s Pioneer origins. The museum contains both Lincoln association and local history items.
  • Lincoln Tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery; Springfield, Illinois: This site had formerly been the first public Lincoln museum but now contains special editions of major Lincoln statues from around the United States.
  • O.V. Brown, Holiday World Lincoln Collection; Santa Claus, Indiana.  Private collection acquired by theme park to support Lincoln tourism in region.

Lincoln Museums and historic sites no longer in operation

  • Abraham Lincoln Museum; Springfield Illinois (1955 – 1970’s) Private commercial agency.
  • Lincoln Funeral Car; traveling exhibit and part of Union Pacific RR, 1890’s to 1911 when it burned in a prairie fire near Minneapolis Minnesota. It had been a traveling exhibition around the Midwest.
  • Lincoln Museum; Ft. Wayne, Indiana: (closed, 2008) This site had been closely related with the Lincoln collections at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate Tennessee.
  • Lincoln Room at Newark Athletic Club, Newark New Jersey.  (see Lincoln Lore; No. 256, March 5, 1934).  This was the displayed collection of private collector Valentine Bjorkman.
  • Lincoln Tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery; Springfield, Illinois; formerly housed the earliest Lincoln Museum in the Memorial Hall.
  • Sangamon Packet Company, The Steamboat Sangamon; (1961-1998) Petersburg, Illinois.
  • Weddell House, Cleveland, Ohio (room where Lincoln stayed on inaugural journey) Lincolniana collection on display in room used by the Lincoln Association of Cleveland. (see Lincoln Lore No. 256, March 5, 1934)

Trails connecting various Lincoln related sites under a single agency for tourism support:


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