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Teacher Resources

Call Main 423-869-6235 for more information.

Self-guided groups welcome. Please call in advance to schedule. Allow approximately one hour for self-guided visit of the galleries. Allow time for shopping at the Lincoln General Store.

Scheduling a Tour

To schedule a tour, 423.869.6235. Please have available the name, address and telephone number of the school, the number in the group, grade or age of the group and the preferred day and time that you wish to visit.


All buses should load and unload students in the museum parking lot unless directed to another location.  The buses may then park in the Tex Turner Arena parking lot until it is time to pick up students for departure.


See General Information.

Museum Behavior

Food and beverages are not allowed in the museum.  Students may use a camera in the museum; however, we request that a flash not be used.  Touching museum exhibits and museum artifacts is not allowed.  However, there are areas where students are encouraged to handle some items.  Museum Staff will let teachers and students know which areas are touch permitted.  For school groups, chaperones are responsible for behavior of students.

Lesson Plans

See Museum Education Lesson Plans.

The Civil War's History in a Box

See The Civil War's History in a Box

Request the Civil War's History in a Box

The Civil War at Cumberland Gap

The Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum, in partnership with Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and FamFive Productions, has successfully completed the Educational DVD Project – The Civil War at Cumberland Gap. The DVD and either High School or Middle School Lesson Packets are available free of charge for area/regional teachers.



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